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Brighton Solutions helps you hire the right person, for the right role, at the right time – all within your specified budget. As a small business, we help our clients by getting personally involved in their organization and making a real impact.

We deliver custom and personalized recruitment solutions, tailored to your business and industry, in a way that helps you get your team up and running to get the job done effectively and efficiently at the first time of asking.

Upgrading your business?

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We Help Functional & Technical Leaders and HR Managers Source, Identify and Attract America’s Top Talent

We’re Perfect If You Want To…

Evaluate candidates on more than just skills or keywords...

so you can employ the best person for the job, reduce labour turnover and improve productivity.

Interview people who understand your business...

so you can employ the best person for the job, reduce labour turnover and improve productivity.

Leave your staffing needs in expert hands...

so you can effectively manage resources, keep costs under control and maximize business performance.

Open jobs to fill?

We Understand It’s Difficult To Source and Hire The Most Suitable Candidates To Fill Important Roles In Your Company

There’s a lot of pressure to make the right decisions when it comes to your recruitment. And, without the support of a Business Partner, you can find yourself fighting a losing battle against complex, modern-day workforce challenges.

If you’re answering ‘Yes!’ to any of THESE questions, you definitely need our help...

Are you in need of skilled technical, engineering,technological or professional staff?

And you need to solve staffing issues before they have a negative impact.

Do you need to fill Executive-level positions with complete comfort and confidence?

And you want to get total peace of mind over the consistent quality of your hires.

Have you got important projects that are in desperate need of contractors?

And you’re concerned about the liability of bringing on 1099 resources.

Does it feel like your business is struggling to find the best talent on the market?

And you think there’s room for improvement when it comes to your recruitment.

Are your existing options consistently failing to deliver quality staff within budget?

And you don’t have the processes in place to hire suitable workers quickly.

Are you interviewing candidates who aren’t the right fit for what you need?

And you’re tired of wasting valuable time and resources on dead-end candidates.

Ready for a real business partner?

Through a Suite of Innovative Workforce Solutions, We Make Hiring Easier Than It’s Ever Been

We offer a range of services that manage your recruitment needs effectively and take the pressure off. From contingent and permanent staffing to talent management, business-process outsourcing, and retained recruitment initiatives – we’ve got you covered!

Here’s how we can help…

Direct Hire Recruitment

We understand the business need behind the opening to effectively screen applicants and hire the right fit.

Temporary To Permanent

We help you try before you hire when recruiting new talent, with zero fees for conversion after a period of three months.

Short & Long-Term Contracts

We offer flexible contracts to fit your business needs, with cost-effective pay rates and multiple invoicing intervals.

Ready to upgrade your hiring?

At Brighton Solutions, Our Industry Knowledge Sets Us Apart...

We Have Extensive Experience

After more than 20 years in recruiting and consulting, we know a flexible approach is required to meet your business needs. We have the expertise to screen applicants effectively so you only ever receive the best fit for your vacant positions.

We Deliver Custom Solutions

We approach our client relationships as business relationships, not just another sale. We cultivate our partnership for mutual success - and our support services will be fully-tailored to you, your industry, company culture and one-of-a-kind challenges.

We Fill Any Role In Your Company

Whether you need engineering, project management, financial and sales consulting and recruiting or custom engineering and development solutions, we can meet your requirements - no matter if you want a small tweak or a complete overhaul.

We Provide Outstanding Service

Taking care of our clients is at the heart of what we do - and we pride ourselves on offering a first-class service that’s second to none. We start by focusing on your individual business needs before guiding you through the entire process.

And Above All… We Really Do Care!

That’s Why We’ve Grown From Our Foundation In The Heartland To Become Trusted By Companies Across The USA...

We believe in a unique and custom consulting experience for each and every client. That’s why we’re the go-to provider for businesses looking to recruit the best staff to move the needle for their organization. We care deeply about your success and build our entire service offering around driving your operations forward.

But don’t take our word for it…

“Brighton is always driven to be not only better than their competition but different. They have always been willing to discuss new ways of supporting our organization and also professional enough to speak up when it isn't benefiting both parties. They have my respect from a Vendor / Customer perspective.”

“It has been great working with Brighton over the last 3 years. They have a vision for their company that is supported by their energy & integrity. They truly care for the people that they work with and are always looking for ways to grow their business and provide opportunities for their colleagues.”

“I had the privilege of working with Brighton while I was the CTO. They proved themselves to be a valuable ally when it came to looking for and retaining the best talent. They were honest, hard working and very, very thorough with the candidates that they showcased.”

    We care about your success!

    Fill Any Role In Your Company With The Perfect Candidate

    If you’re ready to work with a small business that can deliver in a big way, Brighton Solutions has you covered. Get in touch today to have a chat. Let’s learn a little about your business, your needs and let’s explore some creative approaches to get you there. Would you like to see how we can help your business?

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